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Jackie C. San Francisco, CA

Wandered down here with a friend when we came to stay a long time ago. He’s more of a sushi connoisseur than I and we weren’t expecting anything crazy but were too lazy to get out of our hotel.

It has a nice dark and sexy atmosphere. The place was packed so we had to sit at the bar. At first I was disappointed BUT we had the funnest/coolest sushi chef. We decided to just go with his suggestions and they were all DELICIOUS

First we got negitoro handrolls and man were they delicious. It was my first and tastiest negitoro handroll ever. The fish was super generous too. We also had the tekka maki since he promised it’d be good and it was AMAZING. The fish was so fresh and buttery and the seaweed around it was perfectly toasted and not soggy.

Also try the palms rolls, so fresh and delicious. Its a nice, cool roll to eat after all the heat in Vegas. Its pretty much sashimi wrapped in cucumber with some ponzu like sauce. The food was so great that we came back two days in a row… 🙂 next time I come to the strip I’ll be sure to visit again. Try the bar and if you’re lucky, you’ll get the same amazing chef and experience

Susan D. Seaside, CA

Yum, I love Little Buddah.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants ever and, it offers my favorite Sea Bass entree ever.  I used to frequent this trendy, tasty joint when I lived in Vegas and now that I’m reduced to tourist, I have to be happy just going on every trip.  

The restaurant itself is an aesthetic treat and will impress any date.  They have a large buddha statue that looks over a front round sunken dining area as well as more dining in the back.  I prefer eating up front.  The music is also always topic of conversation as they always play the most interesting and provoking music.

The sushi is always fresh and delish, my liquid center chocolate cake is always  to die for AND… the sea bass is always the favorite dish ordered from all the friends choices.  Go with the Bass…

Because all of this is also reasonably priced for such great food and beautiful restaurant, I’m giving 5 stars!  It’s usually less than 100$ for 2 people before tip… if you don’t drink. haha

Cynthia C. Alameda, CA

The ambiance of the restaurant was hip and trendy temple feel-a lot of reds, golds and velvets fusing together.  

Found a rubber band in my salad, the kitchen must of missed it while cleaning the veggies, and brought it to my server’s attention.  She was very good about bringing me a brand new salad, taking it off our tab, comping our dessert, a wonderful chocolate souffle with ice cream on the side and the manager personally apologized and gave us t-shirts on the house.

Try the Buddha Roll.

Fantastic customer service and delicious food, despite the slip up of the kitchen staff.

Humberto G. Vista, CA

This sushi is good.  Really good.  And there prices are well…a little pricey for my budget palate.  I guess you get what you pay for though.

I had been here years ago with some friends, and we want some late night sushi before we headed out for a night of gambling.  Tried the miso soup, fried rice, rainbow roll and whatever I snagged from my friends plate.  The miso soup was good, not the best but good nonetheless.  The rainbow roll was great though.  And whatever it was that I snagged off my friends plate was tasty.  It really was some of the freshest stuff I tasted.  Fresh sushi in the middle of the desert?  Well it was.  The fried rice was also top notch.  

So while the prices are a little high (It’s in the Palms), the this stuff is legit.

Christine S. Carlsbad, CA

Good as it gets for American Style Sushi-

I think it all comes down to preference– this is not the place for people looking for extensive cuts of Toro sushi or quail egg shooters or some of the kimshi style exotic foods.  Now that we got that out of the way,  this place rocks– literally!

Have you ever grooved out to the Buddha Bar CD collection– the standard of ambient house/world music/electronica. (ok, I have a few of these).  The original Buddha Bar in Paris has branched out and now has an offspring in Las Vegas- continues the very chic, upscale theme of the original.  Not that I would go to a restaurant solely on the decor– the food has to stand on its own.

Our table of four ordered a spicy salmon/tuna/shrimp appetizer– each was ground into a paste that we scooped up with belgian endive– almost like those appetizer spoons on trays– very yummy and creative.

For the main course, we ordered the standard fare– catapiller rolls, rainbow rolls, toro sushi, yellowtail sushi, etc.  The fish was very fresh and the spicy sauce was substantially better than most places that squirt some red stuff from a bottle.  We finished with a Buddha bar speciality- a roll that mixed yellowfin, shrimp, and scallops without any rice.  Surprisingly, the mixture was was excellent– I definitely would order this again for variety!

Recommended for anyone who appreciates sushi and enjoys variety within the american fusion style.